Walnuts are produced in many countries of the world, but the Chilean ones are considered as superior, due to its flavor, color and high nutritional and caloric level. Due to the careful handling techniques and the favorable climatic conditions of the Choapa province, they make them better and very attractive for highly demanding markets.


Varieties Formats Certification
  • Serr.
  • Chandler.
  • California.
  • With shell.
  • Without shell.
Since the year 2010; Our walnut product with shell and walnut without shell, this certificate with the “Fair Trade seal”, guaranteeing integral management, caring and protecting the environment.


Walnut with shell
Varieties Calibers Packing
SERR Y CHANDLER 28-30 mm. Polypropylene bag, 25 Kg/ net worth capacity.
30-32 mm.
32-34 mm.
34-36 mm.
> 36 mm.


Hand-Split Walnut shell  *
Varieties Selections Packing

  • Butterfly
  • Quarter
  • Pieces or bits


  • Extra Light
  • Light
  • Light Ámbar
  • Ámbar
Polypropylene Sack, capacity 25 Kg/NET., divided on 2 bags of coextruded plastic of 5 Kg/NET., each. Packed in a modified atmosphere that ensures that the nuts are kept fresh and in optimum conditions for the consumption for prolonged periods of time.