Agronuez Choapa Cooperative: leadership, unity and good coexistence

Starting this note, the president of the Cooperativa Frutícola Agronuez Choapa, Renán Gálvez points out to me: “The cooperative starts from the fundamental need to market our products, bottlenecks until 2007.” He also tells me that in 2007 there were 48 partners, and today, in 2013, there are already 84 partners and most importantly: “it […]

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Agronuez Choapa Cooperative member of UNAF

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Agronuez Choapa Cooperative already exports more than 250 tons of nuts Source UNAF CHILE Written by Claudio Bravo, 26 mar 2015 The main activity of the cooperative is the commercialization of the nut production of its 90 members located in the communes of lllapel, Salamanca and los Vilos, in the Choapa Province, Coquimbo Region. The producers […]

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